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Black Lips  |  SKU: 4466NV-T04R-00  |  Barcode: 809236160287

Black Lips Arabia Mountain (IEX, Yellow) Vinyl

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Sixth full-length album from the guru’s of Atlanta’s “flower punk” movement, from the heady daze of 2011 – finally back on vinyl and part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. Arabia Mountain was recorded between Brooklyn and Atlanta in 2010, and with the collaborative assistance of celebrated producer Mark Ronson, Lockett Pundt of Deerhunter, and a human skull with a microphone jammed into it.

“Black Lips have crafted a very solid album.” ★★★★ Pitchfork
“I was already a fan of the Black Lips coming into it and I definitely didn’t want to f**k up anything,” Ronson told Rolling Stone…and f**k up he did not. The production tests the limits of modern amplification, harkening to the full, meaty sound of The Stooges’ Fun House or Lola Versus Powerman by the Kinks
Unapologetic southern-fried twang, crunching through the gears with flowers blossoming everywhere.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock and Pop
  • Released: 01/27/2023