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Chayse Porter  |  SKU: 516JBW-AAWY-00  |  Código de barras: 701220916699

Endless/Boundless [Vinyl]

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  • Artist: Porter, Chayse
  • Title: Endless / Boundless
  • Genre: Indie & Alternative
  • Label: Earth Libraries

Life is what happens between curtain rise and curtain fall. And when you’re in the middle of your performance, it can be tough to un-blur, categorize, and interpret the details buried within the perpetual collapsing rubble of past, present, and future.

On January 26th, Chayse Porter will release his third studio album, Endless / Boundless via Earth Libraries, nine new musical excavations and epiphanies the Birmingham-based songwriter dug up from life’s bedrock and polished to a shine in his basement lair.

How to describe Porter’s solo work...mischievous pop? Cotton candy spun with barbed wire? Beatle-esque, Burt Bacarach-inspired soft rock left to freeze in the warped confines of a funhouse mirror? Whatever your preferred descriptor, Endless / Boundless is a fresher, more direct record than the high-concept psyche excavations of Chay’s Palace, his 2022 sophomore album.

Lyrically, Endless ruminates on unrequited love, toxic American exceptionalism, and, in one of the record’s lighter moments, unexpected kindness from strangers. There’s jubilant dream pop (opening stunner “Bleeding Hearts”), shoegaze with threats of violence (“Lead Pipe Cinch”), and a cinematic instrumental centerpiece best enjoyed with eyes closed (“Copter”).

With the record on the way and a live band assembled and ready to go, Porter has left listeners a trail of breadcrumbs in anticipation.

  • Genre: Indie & Alternative
  • Released: 02/09/2024
  • Format Detail: LP Full Color Inner Sleeve w/ Lyrics and Photos
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 2/9/24
  • Internal ID: JITRE
  • UPC: 701220916699
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Indie & Alternative