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Spiritualized  |  SKU: T0PGHT-LZWT-00  |  Barcode: 767981175133

Spiritualized Lazer Guided Melodies (Spaceman Reissue Series, White Vinyl) Vinyl

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Release Date: 04/23/2021

Lazer Guided Melodies is the first installment in Fat Possum's four-part "The Spaceman Reissue Program".

This limited special edition pressed on 180g white vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve with heavyweight custom inner sleeves.

On Mastering & Manufacturing:
Per Fat Possum, this release "...mastered from a half speed lacquer cut from original sources by Alchemy Mastering".
Per side A runout, Alchemy's senior mastering engineer, Barry Grint ("Bazza"), did the mastering/cutting.
Again per runouts, GZ Media manufactured metal stampers from Alchemy's lacquer master.
And, finally, Memphis Record Pressing used GZ's stampers to press the vinyl.

On Runouts, Sides A-D:
Each runout includes both stamped and hand-etched sections and characters. For the most part, sections consisting of stamped characters are inverted (upside-down) relative to the hand-etched sections. For simplicity's sake, runouts are recorded here in sectional sequence, as encountered by the traveling needle, with inverted sections in reading order.

Selected Sleeve Text:
Original 16 track recordings by Paul Adkins at VHF Sound Centre, Rugby, November 1990. Additional recording at Moles Studio, Bath by Mike Long, May 1991. Angel Sigh recorded by Angus Wallace at Far Heath Studio, Northamptonshire, July 1991. Originally produced by J. Spaceman.

Mixed at Gooseberry Studio, London, January 1992. 200 Bars and Symphony Space mixed at Comforts Place Studios, January 1992.

...The artwork for this special edition features new photographs of the model figures made for the original album artwork. The figures were made by Gavin Lindsay, based on a drawing by Mr Ugly (Nicholas Brooker).

In loving memory of Nicholas "Natty" Brooker.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Label: Fat Possum
  • Genre: Rock
  • Released: 04/23/2021