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Animal Collective  |  SKU: 382B9G-5VXB-00  |  Código de barras: 887828050116

Time Skiffs [Vinyl]

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Time Skiffs‚Äô nine songs are love letters, distress signals, en plein air observations, and relaxation hymns, the collected transmissions of four people who have grown into relationships and parenthood and adult worry. But they are rendered with Animal Collective‚Äôs singular sense of exploratory wonder. Harmonies so rich you want to skydive through their shared air, textures so fascinating you want to decode their sorcery, rhythms so intricate you want to untangle their sources. Here is Animal Collective's past two decades, still in search of what‚Äôs next.

1. Dragon Slayer 2. Car Keys 3. Prester John 4. Strung with Everything 5. Walker 6. Cherokee 7. Passer-by 8. We Go Back 9. Royal and Desire

  • Format Detail: 2LP [w/ download card]
  • Released: 02/04/2022
  • Internal ID: JITRE
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Handling Note: **Please allow an additional 72 hours for this item's shipment.**
  • Genre: JITRE